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"Partners On The Journey"

Facilitator's Guide

The Facilitor's Guide is intended to support a Parish Program of marriage enrichment with groups of couples. The Guide provides a Parish Program Facilitator with step-by-step instructions for setting up and conducting a parish marriage enrichment program. The Guide offers a variety of format options; discusses the logistics of conducting the sessions; presents timed outlines for each session; gives detailed instructions for introducing the couples' exercises and has copies of the exercises for couples that are found in the Participant's Booklets. The Guide also contains a music CD with 12 verses of the program theme song that match the 12 sessions. These song verses can be used to set the tone for each session as well as add a musical element to the closing prayer rituals.

The elements needed to offer a Parish Program include: A Facilitator's Guide, a set of DVD's with the Video Presentations and a Participant's Booklet for each participant.



"Partners On The Journey"

Participant's Booklet

The Participant's Booklet is meant to be used by each individual participant, whether in a Parish Program or for Home Study use. The Booklet contains all the information needed to take part in each of the 12 sessions, including: prayer, refection questions, a summary of each presentation, integrative couples' exercises, homework suggestions and closing prayer. If an individual couple is using this series as a Home Study program, the couple will need a set of DVD's containing the Video Presentations and two Participant's Booklets.



"Partners on the Journey"

Video Presentations

The Video Presentations packet contains the educational content portions of this marriage enrichment program. There is a separate Video Presentation for each of the 12 sessions. The Videos are professionally produced using a hostess, two presenters, two vignette actors, music, video imagery and graphics. These Presentations are packaged in a set of four DVD's, with each DVD containing three session presentations. The Video Presentations are needed for both the Parish Program or for Home Study use.