Strengthening Christian Marriages



"Partners On The Journey"

A Christian Marriage Enrichment Series
Catholic Edition

Partners on the Journey (Catholic Edition) is a Christian marriage enrichment series that combines a Catholic theology of marriage with findings from scientific research to offer couples both inspiration and practical help. 

The inspiration comes from the riches of the Catholic faith that give meaning to marriage as a Vocation, a Covenant, and a Sacrament. The practical help comes from The Gottman Institute, which draws on nearly 40 years of evidence-based research to identify the factors that predict divorce, as well as the factors that predict marital success. 

12 SESSIONS: each includes a video presentation, exercises, prayer and homework.

Session 1: The Marital Journey Session Session 7: Managing Conflict
Session 2: Marriage As Vocation Session 8: Overcoming Gridlock
Session 3: Obstacles To Love Session 9: Processing a Fight
Session 4: Friendship As Foundation Session 10: Marriage As Sacrament
Session 5: Fostering Couple Connection Session 11: Sex and Sacramentality
Session 6: Marriage As Covenant Session 12: Creating Shared Meaning


The Facilitator’s Guide/DVD set fully supports a Parish Program for groups of couples and includes workshop format options, logistics, and timed outlines for each session. The DVD packet contains the Video Presentations for each session. Each participant will need his or her own Participant's Booklet. 


Individual couples can also greatly benefit from taking this course at home on their own, using 2 Participant's Booklets and a DVD set.

Both faith and science are woven together in this compelling series that helps couples, through the use of presentations, exercises and prayer, to achieve a more meaningful, stable, and satisfying relationship.


The individual sessions within this program are compatible with most pre-marital inventories and can be used to address needed areas of growth for engaged couples.